Top 10 Success Tips

TOP-10 success tipsI was a Hotdogman for 6 years, now I speak with thousands of hot dog vendors every year. From my own experience and from asking different hot dog vendors what it takes to be successful, I have compiled this list of the Top 10 Things you need to be Successful in the Hot Dog Business. Many of these success tips can be applied to any business, but we’re talking about the Hot Dog Business!

Most people who think they want to be in this business don’t know what they are in for. By following some simple success tips, you’ll have a more realistic view of what it takes.

Here are the Top 10 Success Tips to be a WINNER in the Hot Dog Business:

10. Persistence- you can be a slave to the weather in this business, you have to stick with it!

9. Support- without the support of your family, you will fail.

8. Work Ethic- the hot dog business is more than showing up and cooking hot dogs, you need a good plan and you need to work your plan.

7. Cleanliness- keep things clean and wear gloves, nothing turns off customers (or pisses off  health inspectors) more than a “dirty dog.”

6. Consistency- you need to be open when you say you’ll be open; the “occasional vendor” will not succeed.

5. A quality cart, trailer or truck- if you can’t rely on your equipment, you can’t be consistent.

4. A Cute Server- not a necessity, but it can’t hurt!

3. A good personality- this is a people business, ‘nuf said.

2. Quality food- you must serve premium hot dogs, cook them hot and serve them on fresh (or grilled) rolls with fresh toppings. You must serve a product that people want to come back for or you won’t be in business long.

And the number one TOP 10 success tips you need to succeed in the hot dog business:


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