Free Listings for Hot Dog Vendors

Hot dog vendorsHot dog vendors, take note! If you own a hot dog truck, hot dog trailer, or hot dog cart you need to list your hot dog business on a new site I am starting; it’s a registry site for hot dog vendors anywhere in the USA.If you are one of the thousands of hot dog vendors who caters and does events, you can make it easier for people to find you. Every day, I get emails from people all over the USA looking to hire a Hot Dog man (or woman) to cater all kinds of events. When someone local contacts me, if I know someone in their area, I will recommend them.

Hot Dog Vendors get FREE Listings!

Recently, a person seeking a hot dog caterer suggested I create some kind of directory website so people could find hot dog vendors easily, so that’s what I am going to do. Go to and enter your business information. Be sure to include your website, facebook page, twitter account and any other information you want available to potential catering customers (there’s a nifty form for you to fill out).

The site is still in its formative stages and there are only a dozen or so hot dog vendors aboard. The Hot Dog Truck sends a good bit of traffic to the site when people look for “hot dog vendors for hire” or some such term on Google. As I build the site out,there will be some content explaining the site to potential customers and a state by state listing of hot dog vendors offering their catering services.

This project has lain dormant for about a year, and I am working on the site again in earnest. I know of several people who got catering gigs from the site last summer, so it can work. The worst thing that can happen is your website or Facebook page will get a little link juice.

The best thing is, the price is right: FREE! Check it out!