Hot Dog EquipmentYou have your location. You have your permits and licenses. You know what you need to pass the Health Department inspection. Now all you need is the right Hot Dog Equipment!  This is probably the most important choice when you are starting out. Should you buy a hot dog cart, trailer or truck.?

New or used is up to you. There are certainly many used hot dog carts, trailers, and trucks out there and they can be a better value than new hot dog equipment. If you have the cash, there’s nothing like a brand new rig! The thing to consider is the equipment you’ll need to cook your dogs. I personally like to have a grill for my buns and for sausages and hamburgers plus steam table equipment. My new truck has a fryer, but I’ll never use it-TOO MESSY! Consider what you want to be able to prepare so you can determine the hot dog equipment you MUST have. Make sure any hot dog equipment you purchase meets with your local health codes. That’s why you talk to the Health Inspector BEFORE you buy.

Best deals on used hot dog equipment

FALL AND WINTER ARE THE BEST TIMES TO FIND BARGAINS ON USED HOT DOG EQUIPMENT! Craigslist is LOADED with bargains in the fall and winter. If you’re ready to buy a used hot dog cart or hot dog truck, Fall and Winter are the times to do it! It gives you plenty of time to get a location and permits.

eBay always has a lot of listings and, as I said, you can always find some on your local Craigslist (that’s where I found my new Hot Dog Truck). And, when all else fails, JUST F@#$ing Google it.

Also be on the lookout in your community for carts, trailers and trucks for sale that don’t make it to “the internets.” With a little sleuthing, you can get quality used hot dog equipment for a fraction of what you’d pay for new.

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