Hot Dog Cart Financing

Hot dog cart Financing Hot Dog Cart financing is no easy task. They aren’t very expensive, so most leasing companies won’t touch them. Some new cart manufacturers offer leasing options, but most just want to sell you the hot dog cart outright. They aren’t in the hot dog cart financing business and they don’t want to be.

It’s possible to get a business loan, but it’s a hassle for the small amount of money you’ll spend. If you are looking at a used hot dog cart financing, nobody will finance you (except maybe that rich uncle of yours). Personal loans are the quickest way to go, especially for a used cart.

Hot Dog Cart Financing Options

Sometimes you can get a quick signature loan at wherever you do your banking. A passbook loan is another way to get some quick cash too.

If your credit is in the dumps and you have no money in the bank, you can get up to $1500 INSTANTLY online from CashNetUSA. You can pick up a good used cart and enough supplies to get you started for $1500 and earn enough money in a week or two (or even a day) to pay the loan off – then you are on your way to earning a nice income in the hot dog business!

This is an easy way to get started when there are no other hot dog cart financing options available to you, but you MUST make sure you pay the loan back. These loans are high interest, short-term loans, so putting your earnings right back into paying it off is very important.

I know one vendor who got his hot dog cart financing this way. He picked up a used hot dog cart on Craigslist for $800, took out a $1,200 CashNetUSA loan and paid it off in one weekend from working a youth sports tournament.

I know many vendors who started this way, YOU COULD TOO!